Tokyo, Japan March 2017 (Part 5 – Hakone Day Trip)

Mount Fuji – Japan’s highest peak. It is on top of our Tokyo bucket list.

Staying at near Kameari station is a choice I would never regret. Though it seemed to be a little far from the city center, our Tokyo experience would never have been as unique as getting lost on every interchange and exits and the feels of rushing finding the correct platform. I would say, me, my wife and our daughter have experienced the best of Tokyo’s subway from sparked arguments that lasted the next day, to sleeping carelessly on the train because of the never ending walks, to memorable times of just pure happiness of togetherness in a foreign land, typically our normal. Shinjuku area would be a better choice as it provides the easiest access to all points of Tokyo, but the value for money, it is somewhat a “hot” area so everything else would be as expensive: food, accommodation and the likes.

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I have arranged a day trip to Hakone while we were still in Singapore through Odakyu travel. The Romancecar, Hakone FreePass and a Hot Spring for 2 adults and a primary 1 child is worth 19600 yen. The Hakone FreePass includes unlimited use of the Tozan Cable Car, Tozan Train and the Hakone Ropeway as well the the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise. More details of the the Odakyu Travel package here. A DIY day trip to Hakone is also possible but I didn’t want to trouble myself too much with the planning. Besides, a day trip is not enough to explore the best of Hakone especially when you intend to catch more of Mount Fuji’s splendor.

We started our day early. We had to be at Shinjuku by 7 AM. That will give us ample of time to find the Romancecar, to relax and to grab a little breakfast before our train departs at 0730 AM. A normal train to Hakone-Yumoto will take about almost 3 hours which includes transfers at Odawara whereas the Romace Car will take you straight to Hakone-Yumoto Station in approximately 85 minutes with breathtaking views.

 “Romance Car”. The fastest means of getting to Hakone. I wonder why it is called that way.
Inside the Romance Car is a comfortable 2-4 seater. Immediately we dozed of to recharge ourselves.

Our Hakone Day according to weather forecast is mostly sunny. We are feeling so excited to see Mount Fuji! On the one hour and half trip, I have caught a glimpse of the incredibly magnificent ice capped Mount Fuji. I was too sleepy and too lazy to take out my camera and get a snap. It was a bright cloudless sky though so I really did not bother. I will be taking tons of closer photos of the Mount Fuji later.


The only photo I was able to take on the way to Hakone.

From the Hakone-Yumoto Sation, we need to transfer to the Tozan Train to Gora Station and from there we took the Tozan Cable Car to Sounzan Station and finally the Tozan Bus to Owakudani since the Cable Car was not on operation during our visit. There are a lot of things to see in between stations like the Open Air Museum but we are too tired to do extra. We just want Mount Fuji.

From Hakone-Yumoto, we took this Tozan Train to Gora Station.
The Tozan Cable Car will take you to Sounzan Station.

…and yeah, we reached Owakudani. From the Japanese language, it literally means Boiling Valley and one of their attractions are the hard boiled eggs with shells that turned black from the sulfurs natural from this mountain.

Steam vents out from the surface of the mountain.
Normal Tasting Egg. They say eating one would make one’s life longer.

More of the featured egg.

Lil’ Miss asked for some time to play with snow. It was her dream to get her hands on to a real snow, though I heard her complain she wanted it falling from the sky.


Owakudani is home to a museum, some shops and a few restaurants as well.

I didn’t know that the clouds outside were already covering Mount Fuji. I was expecting we would see Mount Fuji somewhere else. Little did we know, Mount Fuji is just behind us hiding away behind the thick clouds. Can you recognize it from the photo below?

Perhaps the best shot I was able to take of Mount Fuji. *sigh*

We continued our journey although we know that it is hopeless to see Mount Fuji anymore. It was almost a perfect day trip that started from a clear blue cloudless sky.

This is the Hakone Ropeway where during cloudless skies, a beautiful Mount Fuji will keep you company as you go down to the Lake Ashi
Our Sightseeing Cruise ship waiting for us down the Hakone Ropeway

Below is the rich view from the cruise.

Torii Gate in the Lake


Coffee break at a local cafe.

Onsen Time!

This officer entertained us while we wait for our Romance car back to the city.

Our mission Mount Fuji may have failed but we will surely be coming back for a better acquaintance with the shy Mount Fuji.

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