The Pinoy-Sg Runners. Reworded.

I was tasked to write something to introduce our Filipino running group here in Singapore where we took part as pacers for the Race Against Cancer which has recently concluded successfully on 30 July 2017.

Some snaps during the race.

and more from my pacer group..


Here goes the write up. Thanks Aidan Huang of RunSociety, it is basically a reworded version. No plagiarism issues here, original article below.

Meet the Pinoy-Sg Runners: A Club Dedicated to More Than Just Running

Started not too long ago in 8th March 2016, the Pinoy-Sg Runners (PSR) have grown tremendously fast in number of over 300 members to date. The Pinoy-Sg Runners, as the name suggests, is a running group not only for the Filipino community in Singapore but is also for other nationalities – locals or foreigners, who share the same interest in continually improving themselves in running or to supplement themselves on their other training programs, or even to those who only wants to adapt an active lifestyle. It is a platform not only for runners and athletes of different disciplines, but for all happy and congenial individuals across diverse Singapore. 

It all actualized when pioneer members, ArnelJayson, ZelOninGlenn, Ricky, and MJ, bound by a common enthusiasm and passion – long distance running, discussed how their most recent race performance went and most of them came out with a common problem of hitting the wall at as early as the 28th kilometer of a full marathon. Driven by the bible passage in Philippians 2:4, “Let each of you look out not only for his own interest, but also for the interest of others,” the group that started on a Facebook conversation advanced to finally conducting their first meet up at Yio Chu Kang Stadium with few members assuming responsibilities to look after how they can push their limits further. Arnel leads conditioning and strengthening whilst Jayson focuses on speed workouts. Onin and Zel and the rest provides administrative support. From then on, the steadily expanding Pinoy-Sg Runners meet up regularly for weekly trainings catering to various levels and disciplines. 

Initially, the group gathered every Tuesday, 7 PM at Yio Chu Kang Stadium and eventually, with the purpose of properly aligning with the marathon calendar, the weekly workout session was moved to every Wednesday with the time and venue remaining unchanged. It is the routine of the PSR to thank the Creator for blessing them with strong and healthy bodies before they start their session. It is a value that Arnel (or Coach A) instills among the group that above everything else, it must not be forgotten to give thanks and praise to the Almighty and at the same time to ask for guidance as they train safely and without getting injured. It is immediately followed up by a short body loosening activity which is also fairly important before engaging to any heavy workout. Then the real training begins. First is a 15-minute warm-up run drill around the track. Second is a 45-minute workout session comprising of multiple exercises focusing on the lower body and core. The group believes that if you possess a strong body especially those muscle groups utilized in running e.g. legs and core, you can sustain and endure running a full marathon distance or even longer. A Yaso-800 and interval speed trainings are also conducted once a month, usually on the 4th or 5th week. A final quarter of an hour is reserved for a set of a cool down and stretching exercises. Concluding the workout session is a photo taking session which is innate to every Filipino. Every workout session ultimately sums up to loads of fun and silliness after the heavy workout as evidenced by pictures all compiled in an album at the PSR Facebook page. It is a very serious 2 hour workout session balanced by laughter. A regular long distance run is also being held every weekend on various locations organized for those preparing for an upcoming race. 

Aside from continuous improvement and setting higher performance bars without injuries, like other runners, the group also dreams big to as huge as qualifying for Boston Marathon. PSR also aims to participate into more charitable works in different ways, be it through running or volunteering, as a way of giving back to Singapore and how the Filipino community is welcomed and have become their home away from the Philippines. 

The before and after our pacer duty.



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