10 Songs I’d Be Playing If I Were Chris Martin on a Coldplay Concert In Singapore

Coldplay is on Asian tour and yes they will be here in Singapore for initially a 1 night only concert but due to high demand, a pre-concert night was opened after a 30 minute sold out ticket sale late last year.

I was still lucky to get a pair of the last few seats with restricted views on the pre-concert night as getting tickets for the original concert night, which is a day after, was hopeless. I queued for 6 hours after my night shift just to get those restricted views which means that we will be having a good seat at the concert night but we will be seeing ant-sized band playing with maybe some pillars or giant spot light stands blocking the view.

It will be held at the Singapore Sportshub on 31st March and 1st April.

Here are my picks:

1. Viva La Vida

2. Speed of Sound

3. Fix You

4. Up and Up

5. Something Just Like This

6. Magic

7. Ink

8. The Scientists

9. Clocks

10. Hymn for the Weekend

Starting to lose myself now.